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Lakebank progress

Work continues slowly on the club layout. The engine shed which is modelled on the early version of the one at Coniston is now virtually complete. The station buildings and goods shed are in their final positions and work has started on the platforms and the yard around. We are not happy with the profile of part of the embankment at the back of the layout and this is going to be redone. There has been much discussion as to whether we will have a cattle dock as shown in the plans as this would entail the cattle having to be driven through the station yard to get to it. It is not thought that this is prototypical.

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3 thoughts on “Lakebank progress

  1. The cattle dock at the real Coniston was towards the yard throat, but there are plenty of other examples. Such a location reduces the amount of shunting, which is something to be desired with loaded livestock vehicles. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks. The problem is that in Iain Rices’ plan the dock was adjacent to the bay but to get to it the cattle would have to pass through the goods yard past the passenger station which we thought would not be prototypical. Our idea is now to have a cattle landing area at the end of the platform which would be partitioned off with movable hurdles as I have seen in other locations. Any other ideas?

      • Hi Nick,

        That would still be OK: have a search fir SMJR stations. This situation prevailed (IIRC) at Moreton Pinkney, possibly at Fenny Compton, but certainly at Blakesley.

        My bigger reservations with the plan are the lack of a turntable and the tandem turnout in the approach, but there is not a lot you can do about the latter.

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