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Various railway orientated modelling projects in my new workshop/railway room.

A steamer for Lakebank

The front of the Lakebank layout is meant to represent the edge of the lake with part of the steamer jetty and the steamer office. What is needed is a steamer on the water.  As the period and location for the layout is based on Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons it seemed a good idea to have the houseboat which belongs to Captain Flint. Arthur Ransome based this on the Twin Screw Steam Yacht  “Esperance” which was built in 1869 for the Farrow industrialist H. W. Schneider. He used it to get to the railway station at Lakeside to catch his personal train to Barrow. The yacht is preserved at the Windermere Steam Boat Museum and I found plans and photos on a web site devoted to Ransome’s  boats. Below is the completed model made of balsa, card and plasticard. Eventually it will be embedded in the representation of the lake at the front of the layout


Eventually Captain Flint and his parrot might be seen on board!!


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One thought on “A steamer for Lakebank

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    Something for 3mm fans and a ship into the bargain.

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