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Eggesford – update

Having relaid all the track and getting the points working from the original wire in tube I am now looking to the operating side of the layout. My plans were always to have a fully interlocked signal frame and to ‘drive’ the trains to the signals. As Eggesford is a passing station I have decided to have one controller for the UP line and one for the DOWN line with the yard be workable from either. Electrically there will be a switchable section in front of each starter signal which will be switched between the two controllers to represent the change over between he two token controlled single lines. Other electrical feeds will be determined by the position of the points.

I have now built the interlocking frame. The locking rules have been worked out using  the ‘TRAX 3’ computer program that comes with Jeff Geary’s book ‘Signalling & Lever Frames’ published by Noodle Books. This also includes another program to determine the locking bars that are needed. Before forging ahead with the construction of the frame I built a mockup in plasticard to check whether the locks would all work

Having determined it would work  I then moved on to constructing the frame. The locking bars are made from 1/4″ x 1/8″ brass and the tappets from 1/4″ x 1/16″ brass. These are connected to the lever  frame (a GEM 12 lever) with 0.7mm brass wire. The pins on the locking bar are 8 BA screws. The tappets were connected to the frame before the notches and pins were put in, one bar at a time.

The four levers to the right control hand points in the yard and are not interlocked. On the other side of the frame the levers are connected to subminiature switches which will control the Hoffmann point motors and the servos for the signals.

The next step will be to fit the point motors and start to wire the whole thing up.


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