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Lananta progress 2

It seems a long time since I last posted but now some further progress has been made. The main job has been building and laying the mixed gauge point to the two sidings on the quay and wiring up the layout and ironing out the bugs in the trackwork. 

The point was layed on a Templot template. The rail is bridge section rail. This is the 4mm version supplied by the Broad Gauge Society. It is based on a lightweight prototype and seems fine for 3mm scale. I have used it successfully on previous Broad Gauge layouts. 4mm wide copper clad strip glued to the base is used to represent the timber baulks and the rail is soldered to it. On the timber trestle part of the quay I laid strips of 1mm plywood across the quay interspersed with copper clad strip every six strips to which the rail was soldered. When it had all been layed the wooden transomes were represented with strips of 40 x 40 thou plastic strip. Finally all the baulks, sleepers and rail have been painted with Railmatch sleeper grime. The final step will be to add some weathering and then ballast but that will wait until the scenery has been done.

Point actuation is done manually via a rod through the front of the board. This moves a combined tiebar, just under the surface of the track base, with a cosmetic tiebar seen from the top of the point. It is based on an idea used by the 2mm association – see drawing below;

This is constructed with plasticard and the holes in the tiebar part of it accept dropper wires from the point blades. Adjustable stops on the operating rod control the limits of operation. They are made from electrical chocolate blocks.

Wiring is very simple with a 16v ac supply coming in at the back and the controller plugging into a DIN plug on the end of the left hand board. The micro switch controls the polarity of the frogs and isolation of the sidings is done by the position of the point. Power is transferred between the two boards by wires connected to the two split hinges that connect the boards. Likewise power to the two fiddle yards is fed via the two clips at each end that hold the fiddle yard to the main board.

After some fettling I now have trains running the length of the layout and in and out of the quay!! Now to start the fun bit in actually creating the scene……..


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2 thoughts on “Lananta progress 2

  1. Great stuff Nick. You show us all just what can be achieved.

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