Scenery update

It seems a while since I posted about Tinworthy despite all the time I’ve had on my hands during lockdown.

I have been starting to develop the scenery around the station and have been initially concentrating on the goods yard, entrance roadway and the loading bank mainly used for loading pit props into wagons.

I have included some half relief cottages, a copse of trees and the start of a painted backscene. This end of the layout doesn’t follow the prototype Tavistock out of necessity to have a raised portion of scenery to disguise the point motors therein. Hence the thatched cottage which is now on its third layout!!

Another load of pit props arrives for transshipment.

My plan is to gradually move along the layout with the scenery. This means having to build the signal box, motor shed and stables.

Author: Nick Salzman

Retired. Hobbies include Railway Modelling, Model Engineering, Art and Photography.

One thought on “Scenery update”

  1. Glad to see you are keeping up your modeling skills! How’s life in Devon? We managed to get to Canezei this February with M&A and others. From a very hot France, All the best, Gail

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