Timber Yard

I have now moved further along the layout to continue developing the scenery. The next part includes a timber yard.

The inspiration for this model comes from Mike Corp’s wonderful layout Porthdinllaen which featured in the May 2022 Railway Modeller. Talking to Mike he has adapted the 4mm scale carriage shed kit from Ratio. I have found that the kit provided what I need for the main sheds of the timber yard and left plenty over to use for another project later.

I also used plans produced by Alan Downes and published as Downesplans by Peco in 1977

The two small buildings either side of the main sheds are part of Eggesford station left over when I dismantled that old layout. Nothing like recycling!

There still needs some work to the ground to the back of the yard and the siding to the coal drops which can just be seen behind the yard.


Author: Nick Salzman

Retired. Hobbies include Railway Modelling, Model Engineering, Art and Photography.

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