The ramblings of a retired General Practitioner’s hobby of Railway modelling and Model engineering.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Nick, I am currently collating a YouTube Video for Railex 2019 and would like your permission to use one of your photographs for Lananta Quay.

  2. First of all I like your blog with inspiring modeling.
    I want to ask you a favour. But lets start with a little anecdote:
    My modelling career started at a small railway exhibition. There was a English man who had a table with some great 3mm cottages and other small buildings. He explained me how he made his models. His name was Peter Gentle, who also worked for the Pendon Museum. At a certain point he asked me to stay with his table, so he could walk around to see some layouts on the exhibition. He also asked me to go on with the slate roof he was working on. When I made some protest, he said you only can learn by doing.
    I still use some of his advices and my small kitchen table workplace is also from my encounter with him.
    But I would like your advice for a diorama I want to built. Could you have a look at https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blogs/entry/22258-ikea-challange-3/
    Thanks in advance

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